Brunel & Associates provides a wide range of financial and operational business support functions.

We have built up a vast wealth of experience through the management of a wide range of businesses, we have helped start-up businesses; provided them with advice and guidance on how to set up their business, helped them setup their business processes and aided them with payroll and accounts solutions.

We have dealt with businesses that have been suffering; poor cashflow, immature processes, high debtor ledgers and debtor days and unorganised businesses who just never seemed to get things done on time. We helped them by proactively chasing debt, developing systems and processes to manage their operational and finance departments and providing accurate report showing their monthly and yearly accounts and helped show them what was going wrong.

At the other end of the spectrum we have worked with profitable businesses with mature business processes, good cashflow and large cash surpluses; we gave them advice on how to invest their money, how to improve the processes in their business to ensure they were even more efficient and advice on how they could grow their business.